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Everything went grey, once the darkness came
Everything was gone, nothing was the same
Only one little girl hid herself away
Even though she wanted to, she couldn’t stay

So she ran to the forest, hoping for escape
Crawling through the night, she saw a shape
It was a friendly Nymph, who took care of her
She would help the girl, she gave her word

"Travel through the 7 Lands. Find him. Stop him. Let my light shine upon you."

  • Please notice that the game isn't completed yet, don't expect too much.
  • If you want to, please give feedback here, or via our Instagram
  • Check our Instagram, @sucsixstudios, for updates!

Install instructions

Execute the .exe file on a Windows computer, follow the installer's instructions and you're ready to play!


Demo (version 1.0.0) (.exe) 16 MB
List of upcoming content (.xlsx) 12 kB

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